World Association for Sexology 支援信

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Prosecution of Professor Josephine Ho, the leading Taiwan feminist sex radical/scholar

I'm sad and bothered to hear the bad news about Professor Josephine HO. We know each other that she has devoted her life to people, especially women, suffering from their inadequate sexual life. Sexual Health and Sexual Rights are the most important rights because they include the FREEDOM of decision. We are all proud of the work she did and she will do.

China is a great nation and needs all its sexologists in order to avoid what we know as a consequence of having a maladaptive sexuality: teenage pregnancies, abortions, rapes, depressions, drug addictions including cigarettes and alcohol, divorces, violences including sexual ones and may I remind you than in France 1 upon 7 women who are dying is from their husbands' hands and the same in Russia where in every 40 minutes a woman is killed by her husband.

People don't want to hear these messages and those reading this letter should understand that SHE (Prof. Ho) IS DOING the BEST job on earth. Sexology can't disappear from China which has received us in Hong- Kong for its wonderful congress organized with the World Association for Sexology. Participants from Taiwan gave us wonderful lectures at the Congress. They couldn't have said those important sentences about the necessity of understanding sexual problems through Sexology, if it was not the truth.

I would like to add that ALL sexologists in the world are behind Professor Josephine HO and we are proud to be her friends. I hope this nightmare will finish soon and I'm ready with WAS to explain that sexologists are ALWAYS with people because we love all of them, and are NEVER against them. Maybe it is because we understand people better that we "love" them even more.

May I finish this official letter by saying: WE ARE, ALL OF US, Professor Josephine HO!

Sincerely yours

Marc Ganem, MD

President of WAS

(World Association for Sexology)