Freshman English for English Majors I--Western Civilization and Its Moments (Spring 1998)
西洋文化概論I ──西洋文化剪影
J. Ho, A-210, Tu 3-5

With the help of pictorial representation, this course will look into some key historical moments of Western Civilization. (The listing here is by no means exhaustive; it only represents the instructor’s personal preferences.) The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with the various socio-historical forces that have contributed to the making of the complex western world and have helped constitute the ideas and beliefs that ground our modern way of life. Students are advised to read the text ahead of scheduled class discussion and write down their thoughts after class as credits toward a final grade. We will be using a reader that contains various information taken from a wide variety of sources. Weekly presentations and a final paper will be required of all students.


Tentative Schedule

English Anti-Clerical Revolution and Its Humanistic Brothers
2.24-2.26 The Making of a State--Henry VIII and the anticlerical revolution
3.3-3.5 A New Rationalism--Humanism and individualism
The French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
3.10-3.12 The Revolution of the People
3.17-3.19 1812, Napoleon, and the Spirit of the Revolution
Capitalism and the Discipline of Body
3.24-3.26 Manufacture and Industry
3.31-4.2 The discipline of body and mind--"Modern Times"
4.14-4.16 Class Struggle
The Darwinian Challenge: Origin of the Species
4.21-4.23 Origin of the Species
4.28-4.30 Scientists vs. Theologians
5.5-5.7 The Empire Expands
Artistic Expressionism and Surrealism: Dali and Munch
5.12-5.14 Dali and the Unconscious
5.19-5.21 Munch and the Modern Predicament
Construction of Masculinity from Dirty Harry to Bruce Lee
5.26-5.28 The Big Gun of Madison County
6.2-6.4 Martial Arts as Chinese Manhood