Jo Ho (Office Hours: Tu 1-2; Wed 10-12)

This oral training course will devote itself to the art of speech-making; in short, it will be a course on rhetoric and public speaking.  Students will be ex-posed to famous short speeches taken from well-established movies, and are required to research into their meanings and significance, analyze the structures and persuasive strategies, while they listen or read the speeches aloud on their own.  (Original source:  Articulation and delivery will be the key skills under study in this course.  Course content will also include weekly reading of selected New York Times articles, media reports, self-prepared presentations, etc.  Grading will be based on participation, preparation, and performance. Students are encouraged to download the speeches and put them into their MP3s and listen to them whenever possible without being tied to the computers.


Useful Ideas:

What is Rhetoric?
Rhetorical Figures in Action
Writing a Good Speech
Delivering Your Speech


Tentative Schedule:

introduction to course
Ghandi’s policy of nonviolence (Ghandi)-guest speaker Shah
  gandhi's non-violence
Speech-making:stimulating the listener (I Have a Dream)
  Reading 1 : Laptop Slides Into Bed in a High-Tech Love Triangle
  Reading 2 : In a Wired South Korea, Robots Will Be At Home
Appropriating the Past (Gettysberg then and now)
  Reading 1 : For Migrants and the poor, Tents Must Count as Homes
  Reading 2 : During Pregnancy, A Silent Struggle
On going to war (All Quiet on the Western Front)
  Reading 1 : Asking the Most Innovative Customers for Their Newest Ideas─Buyers  Become Designers of Their Favorite Products
  Reading 2 : Being Understood In a Global Economy
Divide or Unite (Elizabeth)
  Reading 1 : Revival in Japan Produces Widening Economic Gap
  Reading 2 : ‘Da Vinci Code’ as a Brand Is Worth Billions
Education (Lean On Me, Legally Blonde)
  Reading 1 : Time to Throw Out Those Tweezers
  Reading 2 : Kinky Fashion Celebrates Its Dominance
Regret and Resolve
  Reading 1 : Speaking in (Many) Tongues Can Be a Profitable Career
  Reading 2 : Where the Stork Delivers Babies and Prime Parking- When walking  turns to waddling, help may be welcome. Or it may be not.
Mid-Term presentations
  Topic areas:death, loyalty, lies, honesty, creativity, globalization, education, non-violence, fashion, courage, prejudice
Racially Delicate (To Kill a Mockingbird)
  Reading 1 : Yes, They Torture Jeans, but for the Sake of Fashion
  Reading 2 : Where the Canvas Is a Hayfield, Lawn Mowers Do the Brushwork
  Topic : To be wrongly accused
Who’s Guilty: Trial of Nuremberg (Judgement at Nuremberg)
the city and the country
  Reading 1 : Instant Messaging Change How Business Talks
  Reading 2 : The Long Journey To Fill a Request For a Burger and Fries
  Topic : A special death
Courage (Good Night and Good Luck)
  Reading 1 : The Container That Changed the World
  Reading 2 : When Bad Behavior Gets Good Results
  Topic : telling the truth藍q
Life and Death (Sanger’s birth control and King’ assassination)
  Reading 1 : 350 Years of Scary Lullabies, Fables and Fairy Tales
  Reading 2 : Extra Tight is the New Style for Designer Jeans
  Topic : an unlikely hero
Words that Aim to Inspire (Let’s go and get them)
Dylan Thomas, "Do not go gentle into that good night"
  Reading 1 : Travel Industry Grows To Reflect Its Clientele
  Reading 2 : Movie Stars Look Overseas To Court Fans And Profit
  Topic : globalization in Taiwan
Preparing for Final Presentations
  Reading 1 : Want One of Those Cool Chinese Tattoos? Better Call the Translator
  Reading 2 : Polite Behavior in New York? Like It or Not, It’s Now the Law
  Reading 3 : Transplanting a Business From Culture to Culture
Final Presentations