As internationalization entails more varied and frequent interaction/negotiation with other cultures and societies on formal occasions, this course will provide training for those students who are interested in pursuing careers in public relations and conference organization. Students will learn about professionalism in this developing field as well as the special register of English used on such formal occasions, the rhetorical skills of negotiation, and the logistics of conference management. In addition, students will be required to attend a number of different international conferences during the course of the semester and to make reports on the operation of conferences during class.

作業信箱。主旨必須標明 『會議溝通 -1125(due date)-學生中文姓名』,未按照規定繳交者,迷失網路恕不負責。



Tentative Schedule:

09-16 intro to the course, divide class into work teams
homework: chapter 1, prepare report on experiences of various meetings
09-23 discuss: different kinds of meetings and their operations 會議性質和內容劃分, Robert's Rules of Order , Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order
homework: look over some conference websites and prepare to report observation
IFA 10th Global Conference on Ageing
Confernece on Monsters and the Monstrous
Confernce on Sport and Society
Conference on Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2009
Asia Cement Summit
6th World Congress of the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases
09-30 discuss: report on website observations, what are involved in organizing an international conference (online material : 國際會議手冊)
homework: 會議組織工作綜覽國際會議籌辦事項國際會議籌辦流程表
10-07 discuss: enhancing your power of negotiation
homework: 禮賓工作須知negotiation tips4 tips on turning no into yes
10-14 學生實習(台南成功大學:2009會展與都市行銷研討會)
homework: 一頁心得報告須於10-18午夜前寄至教師信箱
10-21 discuss:basics of public relations work;
homework: 開會臨時事故如何處理, 學生作業:我偏好的會議職務
10-28 discuss: on the spot response、2009年台灣國際會展產業展覽會簡介
homework: chapters 2-4,簡單開場白
11-04 discuss: order and organization, Robert's Rules of Order Motions Chart
homework: chapter 5-6, who makes a good chair? 開放提問
11-11 discuss: the politics of conferences, 模擬聯合國議事規則
homework: chapter 7-8, observe conference strategies
11-20 field trip: 台北世貿中心會展展覽實地研究

11-21 參觀心得簡報

11-25 運動會停課
12-02 discuss: 參觀展覽心得報告

homework: professionalization of MICE
12-09 discuss: cultural factors in elections and negotiations, 會議中的11種角色公關隊出師心得
homework: writing of meeting documents (textbook附錄:組織章程)
12-16 discuss: MICE industry,上述閱讀小組ppt報告(每組10分鐘為限)

homework: writing of meeting documents (textbook附錄:議程、記錄)
12-23 discuss: exercise in preparation of documents
homework: 會展人才之培訓認證會議展覽服務業人才認證培育計劃
12-30 discuss: 會展專業培訓及商業網站分組報告-前途?

homework: self-reflection and evaluation
01-06 final wrap-up