Introduction to Cultural Studies—Spring 2005 文化研究入門:文化研究與批判理論
何春蕤 Jo Ho(Tue, 2-5pm, A105)

This is a course designed for those seniors who are bound for graduate studies. As such, it will introduce the significant changes that are taking place in the field of humanities so as to familiarize students with the historical transformations in the knowledge industry, as well as to equip students with the proper conceptual and analytic tools for advanced studies. Weekly reading assignments are to be carried out by students, culminating in posting their own written responses on the course website before class. Reports and discussions of the readings will occupy most of the class time. The class will also construct its own glossary for the course in Chinese. Grades will depend on weekly reports, website contributions, a mid-term project, and a final paper (5 pages).



  • Two major books of reading are listed here as key texts, but class discussions will be supplemented by other relevant local pieces as well as practical analyses.
  • 《身體政治與媒體批判》,甯應斌編著,中央大學性/別研究室,2004
  • Fuery, Patrick & Nick Mansfield. Cultural Studies and Critical Theory. South Melbourne: Oxford UP, 2000.

Tentative Schedule

Feb 22 intro to the course
Mar 1 《身體政治與媒體批判》33-140
Mar 8 停課
Mar 15 《身體政治與媒體批判》141-252
Mar 22 introduction, CSCT v-xxv
Mar 29 state of the discipline, CSCT 1-17
Apr 12 canons and readers, CSCT 18-55
Apr 19 authors and texts, CSCT 56-85
Apr 26 visual culture, CSCT 86-101
May 3 mid-term presentation
What is humanities
May 10 postmodernism, CSCT 103-121
May 17 feminist reading, CSCT 122-141
May 24 identity and the other, CSCT 142-155
May 31 subjectivity--psychoanalysis, CSCT 158-171
Jun 7 subjectivity--power and desire, CSCT 172-185
Jun 14 deconstructing sexuality, CSCT 186-203