Oral Training for Sophomores (Fall, 2002)
J. Ho (A212, Tu 2-5, or by appointment)

This is a course that teaches the art of public speaking. Students will be expected to practice speaking in front of the public throughout the semester. Each week students will be required to memorize and recite a bit of elegant speech of their own choice and all are required to perform up to the highest standard of presentation. In the meantime, students will be exposed to various tidbits of narratives presented in the audio-visual format to demonstrate narrative techniques. In class, we will go over some interesting pieces of reading to practice in detail. (Related readings are to be found on my website: http://sex.ncu.edu.tw/members/Ho/studyall.htm) One more area of expertise that we will work on in the second half of the semester: planning and organizing what you are going to present. Grades will be based upon an accumulation of the instructor's subjective observations and evaluation.


Tentative Schedule:

1-minute talk to qualify for the course; introduction to the course

prepare recitation (this is required every week)

recitations; articulation and clarity on the sentence level
in class

body image

body odor
recitations; pauses and flow
in class

forever young

how to love your body
recitations; using your voice to carry the message
in class

body piercing

why do people do it
the hole story
recitations; choosing the right material
in class dressing down is dressing good
packaging for consumers
report mid-term presentations
in class teen horror
kids and the media
homework "There is something unique about (X)"
report "There is something unique about (X)"
report Watching the ads tells you something about our society
in class generation X
all hail the viagra generation
homework "A dying Chinese custom"
report A dying Chinese custom
in class aging
aging America
homework "promoting a product of your choice"
choosing an approach to a given topic-strategizing
report Promoting a product of your choice
in class jealousy
jealousy definition
homework Taiwanese Elections
11-20 11-20 no class (campus-wide athletic games)
basic knowledge--study your society
report Taiwanese Elections
in class Jesus' Nationality
homework "recreation culture in Taiwan"
making sense
report Recreation culture in Taiwan
in class Humans receive identification chips
homework "Why are people crazy about Japanese-Korean stuff"
report Why are people crazy about Japanese-Korean stuff
in class Fever
homework "telling about a complicated event"
staging the effec
report telling about a complicated event
homework prepare for final 2-minute oral presentation
12-25 final presentations
01-01 no class (new year's day)