2006 SpringXOral Training for Sophomores
Jo Ho (A210, Office Hours: Wed. 2pm-5pm)

This oral training course will devote itself to several major areas of interest. We will begin our semester with a series of demonstrative interviews, through which we hope to learn about not only Asian celebrities making it in the western entertainment world, but also the art of conducting interviews. Students are required to practice and read the dialogues out loud, study the techniques of making interesting interviews, learn about the interviewees views, and be prepared to comment on the performance of both parties. Discussions and presentations in class are required to be based on the readings. In the second segment, we will concentrate on groups of lyrics that have made significant contributions to social understanding and social change. The oldest form of story-telling in songs will also be considered. Students are encouraged to find comparable examples in other sources and bring them to class. The last segment of the course will be devoted to basic language training for professional jobs, including stewardesses, tour guides, publicists, receptionists, etc.. All materials for the course are provided on the internet. Grading will be based on participation, preparation, and performance.


Tentative Schedule:


Classroom activity


Feb 21

Introduction to the course
Topic: What I could have done during the winter break

Read Ang Lee interview (1)

Feb 22

Topic: What do you know about Ang Lee

Read Ang Lee interviews (2)B(3)
Mar 1

Topic: Making Brokeback Mountain

Read Oscar Roundtable of directors

Mar 7

Topic: What did you learn about these celebrated directors and their work

Pick 10 good words that you find useful

Mar 8

Topic: vocabulary recommendations

Read Stephen Chow interviews (1)B(2)B(3)
Mar 14

Topic: From Shaolin Soccer to Kungfu Hustle

Prepare short talk on the Stephen Chow phenomenon

Mar 15

Topic: What I like about Stephen Chow

Read Zhang Yimou interviews (1)B(2)B(3)
Mar 21

Topic: What is Zhangs aesthetics

Compare all 3 directors

Mar 22

Topic: Directors of Chinese descent

Study lyrics of 1960s
Mar 28

Topic: Social conscience in songs

Find comparable Taiwanese lyrics

Mar 29

Topic: Songs of social protest in Taiwan

Study lyrics of the coal mines
Apr 11

Topic: Understanding miners life

Study about mining in Taiwan

Apr 12

Topic: The story of Taiwanese miners

Study popular ballads

Apr 18

Topic: Story-telling in songs

Find more examples

Apr 19

Topic: folk-ballads

Prepare for mid-term presentation
Apr 25B26

Mid-term presentations

Interview- Reese Witherspoon
Interview- Eileen Huang
Interview- Marc Cherry
Interview- Jay
Interview- Anna Sui
Interview- Karen Mok

Learning about occupations

May 2

Topic: Job descriptions


Career planning

Job Descriptions

May 3

Topic: My job prospects

Flight Attendant Announcement(1)B(2)
May 9

Topic: In-flight interaction

Memorize one announcement

May 10

Topic: Recitations

Reception and customer service tips
May 16

Topic: Reception work

Prepare for practice

May 17

Topic: Practice at Administrative Building

Training to be a tour guide
May 23B24

Topic: Guiding a tour on campus

Prepare tour of Chungli
May 30

Topic: Guiding a tour in Chungli

Jun 6B7

Catch-up week

Chungli Tour Continued
Test--name reading

Prepare--2-minute oral report on evaluation of personal oral performance (must include descriptions of how you have improved in this course, what you need to work on,what you have the most problem with, etc.)
Jun 13B14

Final presentations

self-evaluation- cherrie
self-evaluation- Elle Hsu
self-evaluation- ɾ.
self-evaluation- 礪
self-evaluation- Annie Kuo
self-evaluation- Mandy
self-evaluation- d@
self-evaluation- Vercy
self-evaluation- ùF
self-evaluation- Lydia
self-evaluation- dɼz
self-evaluation- 鬥
self-evaluation- Xenia
self-evaluation- nobody