2008 Fall—Globalization and Cultural Re-Alignment
Jo Ho

This course deals with some of the dramatic re-alignment of cultural politics that mark what has come to be known as globalization. While both the concept and the phenomenon of globalization have undergone heated debates and even been announced as passé in certain circles, the actual consequences of some of the dramatic changes continue to exert serious impact upon select populations. This course will focus on the topic of evolving globalization/global governance in relation to their implications for and impact on gender/sexuality marginalities. Students are required to make presentations in class and to write two papers, 5-7 pages each.



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Tentative Schedule:

9-18 Introduction to course (must show in order to register for course)
全球化時代的表演藝術精靈 (文 余秋雨)
Globalization in Progress

Friedman, chapter 2
Friedman's talk on MIT open courseware
Succeeding in a Flat World
The Polarised World of Globalisation(A Response to Friedman』s Flat Earth Hypothesis)(By Vandana Shiva )


"Beyond Eurocentrism," Dussel, 3-31 in Jameson and Miyoshi
"Globalization, Civilization Process, and the Relocation of Languages and Cultures," Mignolo, 32-53 in Jameson and Miyoshi
Globalization Theories
問題不只在市場機制而已:《一件T恤的全球經濟之旅》(By Pietra Rivoli)
一件T恤看世界──全球化的辯証邏輯:《一件T恤的全球經濟之旅》(文 王乾任 )
Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights
The Clash of Civilizations? (by Samuel P. Huntington)


"Is There an Alternative to Capitalist Globalization?" Liu, 164-190 in Jameson and Miyoshi
"Globalization, Culture and the University," Miyoshi, 247-272 in Jameson and Miyoshi
中國經濟大辯論 (By Will Hutton)
中國農民與全球化 (文 郭宇寬)
全球化有利於v.s.不利於發展中國家—辯論 (佚名)
新自由主義全球化之下的學術生產 (文 陳光興、錢永祥)
The Fall of America, Inc.(By Francis Fukuyama)

Risk Society and the Culture of Fear
10-16 "Introduction," "Theorizing Risk," "Risk and Culture," "Risk and Reflexive Modernization," Lupton, 1-83
Risk society (From Wikipedia)
Modernity & Glocalizational Risk Society (文 周貴田)
From Industrial Society to Risk Society (By Ulrich Beck)
反思與現代親密關係──《親密關係的轉變》導讀 (文 何春蕤)
臺灣的資訊社會造就中國的風險社會?(文 趙家緯 )
10-23 "Risk and Govermentality," "Risk and Subjectivity," "Risk and Otherness," "Risk and Pleasure," Lupton, 84-172
Governmentality (From Wikipedia)
治理 (何春蕤教學筆記)
Insurance (From Wikipedia)
What is "Neo-Liberalism"? (By Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo Garcia )
10-30 "The Culture of Abuse," "A World of Risky Strangers," Furedi, 73-126
McMartin preschool trial
Famous Trials ── The McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials
Moral panic (From Wikipedia)
Caslon Analytics:moral panics
Sex, Lies, and Moral Panics (By Cindy Kuzma)
11-6 "Fears, Norms, and Politics in Contemporary Japan," " A Vague Anxiety in 1990s Japan," "Whatever it is, it is bad, so stop it," Leheny, 1-82
Enjo kõsai (From Wikipedia)
Enjo kosai (Compensated dating)
Sex in Asia (From TIMEasia.com)
Global Governance in Contestation
11-13 Mid-Term Paper Due
"Globalization, Governance and the Nation-State," Hirst & Thompson, 256-280
"Introduction," "Global Governance: A Feminist Perspective," in Held and McGrew 1-24; 87-108
Global Governance: Our Global Neighborhood (United Nations)
View from the IMF: Global Governance(James M. Boughton and Colin I. Bradford, Jr. )
Global Governance: Why? How? When?(Henry Lamb)
《全球化迷思》【目錄】 (By Paul Hirst & Grahame Thompson )
Held vs. Hirst on globalization
11-20 "Nation, Church, Family," "The Gender Agenda," Buss & Herman, 33-55; 100-128
Christian Right Advocacy at the UN
Anti-Feminist Groups at UN(By Anick Druelle)
Religious Right at Beijing PrepCom (By Jennifer Butler)
Christian Right nearing victory at the UN (By Jennifer Butler)
12-4 "Working to Travel, Travelling to Work," "The Rise of the Social," Agustin, 10-52; 96-133
Border Thinking on Migration, Culture, Economy and Sex (By Laura Agustin)
Globalization, Migration and Trafficking: Some Thoughts from the South-East Asian Region(By Phil Marshall)
Sex Work, Trafficking: Understanding the Difference(By Melissa Ditmore)
Migration, Sex Work, and Trafficking in Persons
12-11 "Globalizing Sex Workers』 Rights," Kempadoo & Doezema, 1-28
Sex Trafficking v Prostitution: Judging the evidence(By Laura Agustin)
The Full Anti-rescue Poster: Brothel workers oppose raids (By Laura Agustin)
12-18 "From Identity to Acronym: How Child Prostitution became CSEC," in Bernstein and Shaffner 167-185; "Squaring the Circle: The Battle for Traditional Morality," Altman, 138-156
12-25 "Is Global Governance Bad for East Asian Queers?" Ho, 457-479
Migrant workers shall suffer the brunt of globalization-induced crisis
1-8 Final Paper Due; wrap-up