English for Practical Purposes—Fall 2002
Jo (A210, Tu 2-5 or by appointment)

This course is designed for those advanced students who are preparing to enter the job-market, or at least getting ready to face the complex realities of daily life as adult professionals. The English skills we will be practicing in this course will be centered upon those areas of expertise that may come in handy when job-seeking or problem-solving on the job. Students will learn to construct their own personal profiles for profession-related purposes, write letters of explanation/complaint/negotiation, and practice presentation skills. Reference materials are to be located on the net as specified, and will be discussed in great detail in class. Students will be required to turn in written work weekly, shape up their professional image, and make respectable presentations in class.

Tentative Schedule:


intro to the course

homework career planning for yourself, bring in job descriptions, want-ads


understanding the job market and the need for professionalism

homework look over resume tips


anatomy of a resume

in class Tips for Creating a Concise Resume
How to Decide on Resume Length
Put Your Education to Work

homework construct your own resume


strategizing/packaging your image

in class Breaking Tradition with a Functional Resume
Common Resume Blunders
Job Description Power Verbs
Resume samples

homework modify resume


constructing your CV

in class Anatomy of a Curriculum Vitae
Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letter

homework finalize your personal resume or profile


presentations of finalized personal resumes or CV

in class what is a statement of purpose?
what do colleges look for in a statement of purpose?
statement of purpose--sample 1
statement of purpose--sample 2
statement of purpose--sample 3

homework practice CV


writing study plans

in class A Few Tips on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation
letters of recommendation
recommendation letter--sample 1
recommendation letter--sample 2
recommendation letter--sample 3

homework begin working on SoP

11-01 wrap-up resume, CV, statement of purpose
in class student resume sample: English Teacher-1pdf
student resume sample: English Teacher-2pdf
student resume sample: English Teacher-3pdf
student resume sample: Educatorpdf
student resume sample: Editing Assistantpdf
student resume sample: Tour Guide-1pdf
student resume sample: Tour Guide-2pdf
student resume sample: Secretarypdf
student resume sample: Flight Attendant & Ground Staffpdf
student resume sample: Marketingpdf
student resume sample: Acoustic Producerpdf

homework prepare for interviews


job interviews

in class Is your Body Language on Your Side?
Having a Successful Job Interview

homework prepare for interviews

job interviews: team up and dress up for mock interview
in class want-ad sample: English Teacher
want-ad sample: Tour Guides
want-ad sample: Editors
want-ad sample: Convention Organizer
want-ad sample: Dell computers
want-ad sample: Admissions
homework rethinking interview techniques

more job interviews

homework writing letters for specific purposes


letter-writing for problem-solving

in class Letter of inquiry
Letter of request
Letter of complaint
Sample letters

homework thinking about work ethic


work ethic in the modern workplace

in class Ethics--Avoid Discrimination of Gays
Ethics--Coming Out at Work
Ethics--Danger of office romance
Ethics--Love at Work
Ethics--Love Conquers All Workplaces
Ethics--Mixing Work and Romance
Ethics--Workplace for Gays and Lesbians Romance

homework prepare powerpoint presentations

12-13 no class (teacher at Cultural Studies Conference in Taichung)

professional presentations
student demonstrations of using the powerpoint
homework gathering up personal profile


presentation of self-profile (oral presentation and paper profile)

01-10 turn in electronic personal profile as final project