2009 Spring—Freshman Composition
Jo Ho

This writing course will focus on certain basic writing skills that may prove to be useful for writing in any style. Students are required to prepare for class, complete writing assignments on time, and join the discussion in class. Scheduled essays are to be between 600-1000 words. Structure and content are much more important than length.

作業繳交及教師連絡:請以電子郵件寄交。主旨必須標明「大一作文—due date—學生姓名」以免混雜遺失

Tentative Schedule:

date Classroom activity

intro to the course; scramble exercise
homework: Writing with a Purpose

3-04 Why do we write after all?: Writing with a purpose (報告:Yana, Ida)
homework: write first draft on “a moment of realization(覺悟時刻)”
When writing, think visually
Accurate vivid writing
3-11 making your writing come alive: accurate vivid writing (報告:Andy, David, Smith)
homework: rewrite first draft
Patterns of Organization
principles of organization
3-18 first paper due; principles of organization (報告:Pauline, ChyoChyo)
homework: research for an issue of your interest
Using Thesis Statements
creating a thesis statement
student papers:
3-25 the heart of the matter: creating a thesis statement (報告:Patty, Crystal)
homework: write first draft on “unpopular views(不討喜的觀點)”
opening and closing an essay (1) (2)
4-01 curtain up and down: opening and closing an essay (報告:Amber, Stella)
homework: revise first draft
developing an argument
陳宜中:〈自身鬼氣不除 台灣鬼氣散不了〉
4-08 got to have my case: developing an argument (報告:Anny, Joyce)
homework: further revision
Narrative or Descriptive
4-22 second paper due; Narrative or Descriptive (報告:Ken、Jass)
homework: essay writing
student papers:
4-29 essence of schoolwork: essay writing   (報告:Jenny、Cindy)
homework: write first draft on “in other people's shoes
5-06 Holding the piece together: transitions (報告:Jill, Jessica)
homework: revise first draft
sentence variation
5-13 improving the flow: sentence variation (報告:Mia, Alice)
homework: further revision
“Landscape with the fall of Icarus”
5-20 third paper due; different writing styles for different games
homework: write first draft on a text of your choice
“The Yellow Wall-Paper’: A Twist on Conventional Symbols”
student papers:
5-27 sophistication takes lots of work
homework: revise first draft
6-03 conferencing
homework: further revision
6-10 final paper due; wrap-up
student papers: