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Tighter rules for coffee stands begin soon

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【By Noah Haglund, Herald Writer】

EVERETT — Drive-through coffee stands featuring nearly naked baristas are being put on notice about stricter laws coming to Snohomish County.
New rules for adult entertainment and lewd conduct are set to take effect Jan. 7. They would apply to an estimated half dozen or more businesses in the county outside city limits.
Supporters of the new rules hope they spur other local governments, including Everett, to take similar action.
“We’ve actually taken the lead, and I hope that other people follow our lead,” County Council Chairman Mike Cooper said. “We’re not putting one person out of business.”
The County Council voted unanimously on Dec. 9 to regulate businesses as adult entertainment if employees show too much skin in public. The council also strengthened the county’s lewd conduct law, including tougher penalties and clarifying definitions for public places. That law also holds business owners and managers accountable for allowing lewd conduct.
County Executive Aaron Reardon signed the ordinances Monday. They become active in 10 calendar days.
Bill Wheeler, the owner of the Grab-N-Go chain of bikini espresso stands, said the new rules would have little impact on business.
“It’s not a problem,” he said. “My girls look just as beautiful in a bikini as they would in pasties anyways.”
The bikinis, however, appear to be a big draw for customers. After a stand on Murphy’s Corner near Mill Creek changed to more family-friendly attire about a month ago, business dropped by about 95 percent, Wheeler estimated.
“I don’t plan on doing that with any other stand,” he said. “Nobody wants to buy coffee from a clothing stand.”
Businesses that might be affected by the new rules should expect to receive a letter soon with a copy of the new laws and an application to apply for an adult business license, Auditor Carolyn Weikel said. Licensing takes about 30 days.
The auditor’s office does not have staff to go out and inspect the stands, Weikel said. Instead, county officials will rely on the public to report problems. That by itself might be enough to make some businesses change their practices, she said.
“Will they go as far as they have gone?” Weikel said. “No, not if the community keeps watching them. The community has a lot of impact.”
As recently as 2008, Weikel’s staff included three inspectors working in the field. Since then, one was laid off, another resigned and a third retired. The inspectors have not been replaced.
Cooper said the County Council should try to find a long-term solution for the inspections. While working on the rules for coffee stands and other business, it came to light that during the past year the auditor’s office has not been inspecting other adult businesses, such as strip clubs and exotic bookstores, he said. One option is moving those duties from the auditor to code-enforcement staff or another department.
“It’s not the barista issue that caused this to happen,” Cooper said. “We already weren’t doing the inspections.”
The county already licenses businesses identified as having a potential impact on health, safety or welfare, such as pawn brokers and strip clubs.
The new rules don’t prevent workers from wearing bikinis in public. Instead, they prohibit more revealing attire, such as thongs or pasties that don’t fully cover rear ends or the bottom portion of the breasts.
Under the new rules, sexually explicit signs are considered evidence of an adult business. The changes do not prohibit breast-feeding in public or artistic expression.
Community members who have been instrumental in pushing the county rules are likely to take the battle to Everett early next year. “We’re planning to go to the Everett City Council as sort of a next step,” said Shahram Hadian, who has organized local opposition to risque stands.
More stands are likely to set up shop in Everett if the city fails to strengthen its rules, he said, since the county and Lynnwood will have tougher laws.
Past complaints have included baristas flashing customers and performing simulated sex acts, as well as employees wearing thongs, pasties and other skimpy clothing. The county’s new rules already appear to be moderating behavior even before they take effect, Hadian said.
“I definitely think it’s had an impact,” he said. “The word has gotten out and they have toned down.”
Sheriff’s deputies have not made any recent arrests related to the stands and have not received many complaints about them lately, spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said. Deputies and Everett police are pursuing criminal charges from earlier this year against employees at coffee stands on Highway 99 and Broadway.

Noah Haglund: 425-339-3465, nhaglund@heraldnet.com.


資料來源: http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20091229/NEWS01/712299895

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Everett releases photos supporting charges of lewd behavior at Grab-n-Go

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【By Debra Smith, Herald Writer】

EVERETT — The city released photos Thursday that show baristas who worked at an Everett espresso stand engaged in sexually explicit acts so vulgar a city spokeswoman said she was uncomfortable releasing them.
The 17 photos were taken by Everett police detectives working undercover during a two-month investigation last summer. They were snapped at the Grab-n-Go Espresso stand on 8015 Broadway. Five women who worked at the stand later were charged with prostitution.
Officials released the photographs Thursday under public records laws.
When the prostitution investigation came to light, the stand owner denied knowledge of any illegal activity. Some in the community, including customers at the stands, insisted there was nothing more risque taking place than women in bathing suits selling coffee.
Everett officials wanted it made clear that they are “uncomfortable being the ones to deliver these explicit photographs,” said Kate Reardon, city spokeswoman.
The city did so to comply with state law.
At least three women can be identified in the photos, which show women engaging in sexually-explicit behavior.
In one photo, a barista is squatting in the drive-through window of the stand with her legs spread apart while wearing crotchless panties. In another, a different woman wearing a bikini is squatting in a window and pulling aside the bathing suit bottom to reveal her genitals.
In other photos, a barista inside the stand is exposing her pubic area while another woman licks whipped cream that was sprayed there.
Several photos show a woman bent over inside the stand with her bare rear facing the camera.
Bill Wheeler, the owner of four Grab-n-Go Espresso stands, said Thursday the photos were old news.
He said the media were picking on the women. He also offered some profanity-laced comments directed at The Herald.
“These girls may have made a mistake,” he said. “They have been punished for their bad judgment.”
The women’s prostitution cases are scheduled for a hearing Feb. 11 at Everett Municipal Court. If the matter isn’t resolved at the hearing, a jury trial has been set for Feb. 22.
The baristas filed a motion in November to stop the city from releasing the photographs, after the city notified them they would be released under the state public records law, said Ramsey Ramerman, a city attorney.
Snohomish County Superior Court Judge David Kurtz ruled Tuesday that the photos were not exempt from disclosure under public records law and must be released.
Kris McLeod last year reported observing baristas performing sexually explicit acts at another Grab-n-Go stand near Murphy’s Corner just across Everett city limits. Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies last year arrested some Grab-n-Go employees for alleged misconduct.
McLeod said the photos from the Everett investigation prove she and others were telling the truth about barista misbehavior. She and other people set up a Web site protesting the stands.
The coffee hut in front of her workplace, also owned by Wheeler, is now boarded up after Wheeler made the stand family-friendly by requiring the women to wear more clothes.
“Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you think is right,” she said. “We spoke the truth. We didn’t make anything up.”
At the Grab-n-Go stand on Broadway in south Everett, the one featured in the police photographs, business remained brisk. Thursday evening, a woman in a black bikini served coffee customers waiting in a line of vehicles.
The release of the police photos came on the same day tougher lewd conduct and licensing laws took effect in unincorporated Snohomish County. That law holds business owners and managers accountable for allowing lewd conduct.
The new county rules don’t apply to adult-themed espresso stands inside city limits.
City leaders across the county have been struggling with how to deal with balancing the rights of business owners with complaints from people about coffee stands with barely-dressed baristas.
In Everett, city leaders in October revised the lewd conduct law. The law doesn’t ban a woman from wearing pasties, or little more than a sheer top, in public, as long as her nipples and areolas are covered.
McLeod said her grass-roots organization plans to approach Everett leaders to urge them to pass even tougher laws. She and others also are working with state legislators.
Diana Hefley, Noah Haglund and Oscar Halpert contributed to this report.

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Five Everett bikini baristas charged with prostitution

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【By Diana Hefley, Herald Writer】
EVERETT — Five baristas are accused of engaging in prostitution at an Everett bikini espresso stand following a two-month undercover police investigation into complaints that the women were selling more than coffee.
Detectives say the women were charging up to $80 to strip down and flash customers while fixing lattes and mochas.
Investigators saw the women expose their crotches, lick whipped cream off their co-workers’ private parts and pose naked for pictures inside the Grab-n-Go Espresso stand at 8015 Broadway, according to police reports obtained by The Herald on Wednesday.

Detectives also witnessed some of the women charging customers to touch their bare breasts and naked buttocks. Touching of that kind, for pay, falls under the city’s definition of prostitution.
The women, ages 18 to 24, were charged Wednesday with multiple counts of prostitution and violating the city’s adult entertainment ordinance, both misdemeanors, Everett police Sgt. Robert Goetz said.
No arrests have been made. The women are expected to be arraigned in Everett Municipal Court in a few weeks.
Bill Wheeler, the owner of the stands, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.
The investigation began in mid-July after police heard a stream of complaints about baristas baring too much.
Everett police during the past year had received more than 40 complaints about various bikini coffee stands around the Everett area. Many of the complaints focused on women who were exposing their breasts, genitals or buttocks, according to police reports.

The department decided to investigate Grab-n-Go Espresso — the business generating the most complaints, Goetz said.
Some of the complaints alleged that some baristas at the Everett coffee hut and three other Grab-n-Go Espresso stands in unincorporated Snohomish County were engaging in prostitution, an Everett police detective wrote in his reports.
Sheriff’s deputies also have received complaints about the Grab-n-Go Espresso south of Silver Lake. Employees of nearby businesses have complained that the stand is a haven for lewd behavior. None of those complaints have resulted in any criminal charges, sheriff’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said.

Everett police focused their investigation on the stand within the city limits, Goetz said.
“This was about alleged conduct, not about what the women were wearing,” he said. “They could have been wearing parkas and if they continued to conduct themselves that way, we still would have filed the criminal charges.”
Undercover detectives began posing as customers in mid-July.
An Everett detective took a city prosecutor to the stand to witness firsthand the activities of the baristas. During that visit, two women allegedly engaged in a “whipped cream show” in which they sprayed whipped cream on each other and licked it off.

On a second visit, a detective was told he couldn’t have a mocha because the stand was out of chocolate. He also was told he couldn’t order a small drink because they only served 20-ounce beverages.
The barista told him that for $20, she and the other barista would give him a show. He paid and they bared their breasts and pulled down their undergarments, police reports said.
The detective noted that the stand is about 30 yards off the roadway and about 10 feet lower than the level of the road, making it easy to see into the business from the street. During the undercover operation, traffic was regularly stopped in front of the stand because of nearby construction, according to investigators.
Detectives say the women also charged customers to play “basketball” — a game in which customers were allowed to throw waded up money at the women, who caught the money in their underpants.
Investigators also witnessed women strip down and perch on the drive-thru window ledge in full view of passing cars. The five women also allowed customers, who paid extra, to grab their breasts and buttocks, police allege.
“We understand why citizens in our community are extremely upset about the conduct, and based on what our detectives found in their investigation, it’s pretty clear to see why,” Goetz said.
Everett police have closed their investigation into the stand. They will continue to investigate any new complaints about prostitution at espresso stands or any location in the city, Goetz said.
Meanwhile, the City Council is expected to decide next week whether to change the city’s lewd conduct ordinance to include espresso stands.

The proposed change, which was part of a regular review of city codes, would not prevent baristas from wearing bikinis, city spokeswoman Kate Reardon said. It also still would be legal for women to wear pasties and sheer undergarments as long as their nipples and areolas are covered.
Police say their investigation was prompted by people’s complaints and separate from any review of city ordinances being considered by city lawmakers.
“We were going forward with our investigation no matter what was going on with the council,” Goetz said.

Diana Hefley: 425-339-3463, hefley@heraldnet.com.


資料來源: http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20090924/NEWS01/709249864&news01ad=1#Five.Everett.bikini. baristas.charged.with.prostitution

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【2009.09.26  蘋果日報   張翠蘭╱綜合外電報導】






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三不 檳榔西施:可笑!

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【2002.09.16 中時晚報  郭石城、黃樹德、黃文杰/桃園、北縣報導】





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桃園檳榔西施 不准露胸肚臀  

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【2002.09.16  中時晚報  黃文杰/桃園報導】





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薄紗擺曳車流間 道不盡人情冷暖

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【2002.09.17  中國時報  郭石城/調查採訪】













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榔西施 露與不露 地方法令徘徊三點地帶

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【2002.09.17  中國時報 地方新聞中心/連線報導 】











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不露胸、不露肚、不露臀 桃縣推動檳榔西施「三不」

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【2002.09.16 ETtoday 記者黃興漢╱桃縣報導】









縣府的「三不」規範一旦施行,檳榔西施將不得再有暴露的養眼穿著出現,舉凡胸罩單穿、丁字褲、若隱若現的薄紗內衣,通通不合規定。對於這樣的標準 桃園縣檳榔業協會欣然接受。




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新聞觀察》如此標準 只宜規範教職員

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【2002.09.17 聯合報  本報記者林文義】






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